Wow Factor High School

High School Program

In only our second year as a full time high school travel program, we have seen tremendous growth and exciting levels of success. Our players work throughout the offseason with experienced high school coaches. Players participate in strength and conditioning as well as speed and agility programs. Our coaches and players work on an indoor field at least once a week as well as inside, hitting and pitching instruction multiple times per week. Our off-season training program also incorporates collegiate showcase opportunities for our players.

Since our first season as a high school program our players have emerged as some of the top players in the area. Our summer teams have represented the brand well, at regional and national elite showcase events winning events like the Perfect Game WWBA Ohio Valley World Series and competing in some of the regions most premier showcase events.

Our program is designed to offer players with personalized instruction to prepare them for success at the varsity level and beyond. We work to ensure that our players are as prepared as possible to maximize their potential.

Wow Factor National

Our players have all of the same opportunities as other Wow Factor affiliate members. The most elite talent from various Wow Factor programs will be invited to play in 3-4 of the most premier showcase events around the nation. Our players have the unique and strategic advantage of working all off-season and playing during the summer for many of the same coaches responsible for selecting the talent for the Wow Factor Great Lakes National and the Wow Factor National teams.

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